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My Journey of Becoming A Therapist

My strengths as a counselor ultimately come from an exploration of my relationship with myself and the many layers of healing that have taken place because of that. In seeking to discover my own identity I have developed the tools to help others do the same. The accompanying process of discovery and healing has given me valuable insights into my own self (mind/body/spirit) and wisdom that I can use to bring clarity to the process of another. I know healing and transformation is possible for you because I’ve experienced it for myself.


My lifelong search for identity saw me leaving my birth country to find a place that felt like a true home. I have been a seeker my whole life. I have always been driven to explore the inner landscape of self and to find meaning, purpose and truth in life’s offerings.

As many people do, from an early age I felt unwelcome within my own family. I was aware of an existential angst that lay within me from an early age that came with a question – do I deserve to live on earth? Years later, I discovered that this was the starting point of my own personal healing journey. My earliest recollections are imprinted with memories of hunger, loneliness and confusion. As a young toddler, I spent hours wandering around the village, looking for a safe place that felt like home. Feelings of rejection became a regular part of my life. I yearned for human connection, love and support - all the things that seemed to be lacking in the world around me growing up. A lifelong quest to find these higher human values first began as a journey within and then over time began to manifest in my outer world. I am in my 40s now and happily surrounded by many people with whom I get to experience the free flow of giving and receiving love.

Yiyan Tree hugging

I still experience deep emotions when thinking about the devastation and hardship my younger self had to endure. This child now continues to live inside me and receives nurturing, love and the opportunity to share its pain with me -whenever it needs to. My adult self - built up by years of personal exploration, discovery and healing, is now able to meet the needs of my earlier incarnation. Much inner authority and confidence regarding this role was built through my first professional calling as an elementary school teacher (12+ years). This provided me with very purposeful opportunity to love, nurture and guide these beautiful young souls and to share the exciting journey of learning with them while being a positive role model, a caregiver and a friend.


Ultimately the focus on my inner self and desire for growth throughout my life has helped me to establish what they call a secure attachment within. In psychological terms, this represents the crowning achievement of inner security and a positive adaptive emotional adjustment to yourself and the world around you. This is the reward for all the healing work I have done over the last ten years and ultimately my cornerstone that I draw upon for strength, wisdom and understanding in journeying with others. 


Since we all have free will and choice, I believe that we all have the power to help ourselves. All it takes is the courage to do so. 


Just as my own personal challenges have become the motivation for my growth and change, so they can be for others. Along the way I have discovered the qualities in me that define me and my professional approach.


  • I bring genuine compassion and heart. I really do care. I’ve lived with pain and I can empathize with other’s pain.  

  • I can be honest and direct and will help to acknowledge your blind spots for your growth. 

  • I hold your process of healing in a sacred place beyond my own ego.

  • I am sensitive and respectful to the pace of your healing. You decide when you’re ready and therapy becomes a collaborative effort. 

  • I am devoted to creating a safe space for the therapeutic alliance to be built in, and hold this space as sacred with grace and compassion. 

  • I believe in finding the root cause at the heart of every issue and am always curious, excited and honored to be on that journey of exploration with you. 

  • I have developed clarity and insight through my own personal process that I use to help guide others. This allows me to see the bigger picture and the connections while working on the nuances with you.  

  • I am methodical, conscientious and thorough, but I am also a real human being who you can relax and enjoy the flow with. 


I have spent most of my own life trying to find my identity and where I belong. I have integrated 2 cultures and 3 languages into my personal repertoire. I feel qualified to help others find their place in the world. Most of the best things I have learned in life have been learned the hard way - not from a book. Don't let anyone tell you differently, love really is the most important thing there is and what life is really about. And if you are willing to take the first step with me then I would be honored to help you find it. 

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