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The more people fight with anxiety or try to control it, the more anxious they often feel. The best strategies with anxiety involve redirecting the focus and letting go of negative thinking patterns and tendencies. Anxiety can be your friend who is revealing the conflict and imbalances that lay within you and the issues that are really calling for your attention. Thus they can hold the key for your ultimate motivation for change. Let’s work together to reclaim the power within you. I believe that we all have the power to help ourselves. Sometimes we need support and guidance along the way.

We are all human beings with the potential to feel pain. When the pain is overwhelming, some people might shut down just to cope. As a result, we also shut down the deep joy that life can potentially bring. You don’t need to mute yourself or live within a limited emotional expression. What we do need to learn is to find the confidence to explore the many influences behind this experience and find new connections to our inner strength that we didn’t even know we had. Know the truth that with all difficulties “that soon shall pass”. You are safe within to laugh, to cry, to be joyful, to be sad and to live life with the richest offering. 


Grief & Loss

Trauma creates an incomplete self-protective response that is waiting to be completed. Trauma's impact can manifest as the felt sense of getting repeatedly stuck in a fight, flight or freeze state that consumes our energy and inner resources and prevents us from forming connections to ourselves and others. People affected by trauma can feel overwhelmed, angry, isolated or disconnected. As a therapist, I provide a space that offers you safety, openness, acceptance and connection to allow your body, mind and nervous system to relax, reorganize, recover and heal. Know that healing IS possible, and that a new freedom and liberation can become a new chapter in your life.

If our wishes always came true, we might want to hold onto the things or people we love forever. Unfortunately, it is not always possible in real life. We are not immortal and nothing lasts forever - not our job, our relationships, our status, our possessions or our sense of normalcy. One thing that we can always be certain of is that life will always bring us change. There is tremendous growth available to us in letting go of our tendency to identify with the external world. Yes, there is beauty in brokenness. Everyone grieves in their own way, and when the process is over, the love that was there shines more brightly than ever. While this process is painful and difficult, I am committed to making this a most rewarding journey, one that will bring you peace and skills that will last you a lifetime. 


(couple & Family)

Life transition

(identity&Spiritual growth)

How were you relating to yourself during the different stages of your life? How are you relating with your parents, peers, partners, co-workers and friends? The relationship we have with ourselves is strongly influenced by the circumstances within our family of origin. I am inviting you to seek to find the secure attachment within and from which, to cultivate nourishing relationships with others and the world. During this process a deeper connection to your own inner truth, emotions, belief system and values is created, allowing for authentic self expression. I will help you to use these inner resources to assist you in building your communication skills with others. In this growth, you will find a way to adapt in a positive functional way with the people you relate to.

Life relentlessly brings challenges that force us to continuously seek better positioning. If we let go and surrender to the inevitability of change, this process may bring us a fluid transformation of self. We can adapt, grow and stretch our comfort zones in the process of becoming our new, stronger, wiser, more mature selves. These transitions offer us huge opportunities for mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It is through these challenges that you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be and the person you were always meant to be. Learn to define yourself through this transformative process instead of being overwhelmed and floundering. I will be happy to assist you in finding solid ground during this process and assist you in letting go and marshaling your inner resources. 

-ymcounselling can be your first step to growth and healing-

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